• Paul Anderson

Why is Grant Green so cool?

Grant Green is my hero, he has been my hero since a good friend of mine Johnny Hull introduced me to his music way back in the early noughties.

The late Grant Green's music has to be heard to be appreciated. This is my favourite of his albums on Spotify-

His contemporaries were Kenny Burrell, Barney Kessel, Wes Montgomery and George Benson to name but a few.

George Benson tells the story that he had snuck into a Grant Green gig only to bump into Wes Montgomery! For two guitar heroes to be at your gig, you know you're something special!

So why was he so cool? In two words- 'restrained virtuosity'. He didn't shred like a maniac, he phrased super cool, rhythmic lines, often using little more than the blues scale and the dorian scale.

In an era when the word 'hip' wasn't a jazz cliche, Grant was the hippest. Check out the entrance to his solo on the track 'Cantaloupe woman-

YouTube -

I advise you to listen to this wonderful version of 'Walk on by.' Just beautiful and funky, like everything he did -

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